welcome new students!

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 We welcome you to the Grant County Adult Education Center. We know that making the decision to come to our center and work on furthering your education is a big one and not one to be taken lightly. We want to make it as quick and simple as possible for you to pass your GED, KYOTE or whatever you need to work on

The first step for all new students is attending an orientation at our center. All students working at our center must first attend an orientation. These orientations last approximately two hours.  Please call our office at (859) 823-1341 to make an appointment for orientation.   

Requirements for new students:

All new students must be at least 18 years old.  If you're under the age of 19,were Homeschooled or request a waiver of the 90 day wait period, the   Documentation of Withdrawal Form will be given to you at oriention.  After   completing the form, the student will take the form to the local school district to have signed by the Superindendent or the Director of Pupil Personnel.  

A complete list of state requirements is available here

You must be a Kentucky resident and have a government issued photo-ID.  Usually this is a driver's license or permit. You do not have to live in Grant County to attend our adult learning center.


How long will getting my GED take?

This depends on three things:

1. How hard you're willing to work  The greatest factor in how long it will take you to get your GED is your own initiative.  How hard are you willing to work?  The adult learner who comes to class one hour per week and does one hour of homework on the weekends will not make as much progress as the adult learner who comes to two classes per week, stays for lab time, and does a half-hour of homework each night.  Unlike school, we don't issue grades and the progress you make is all on your time and reflects what you put into it.  You want to get your GED quickly?  You're going to work hard at the center and at home on your own time.

You can work toward your GED faster by coming to classes at the center, working at the center during open lab times, and doing homework at home on your own time.  We also have a online learning opportunities, and the links section of our website can provide more resources for you to make progress. 

2. How much progress you made in school (ex: Students who dropped out in 8th grade generally will have more to learn than those who dropped out their junior year)

3. When you dropped out of school  (ex: If you dropped out of school last month, you're going to remember more of what you learned than if you dropped out 10 or 15 years ago). 

Students who complete their work the fastest and get their GED in a matter of weeks or a couple months are the students that take advantage of our classes, open lab times, homework on their own time, and online practice.  Each student's situation is different and unlike formal school, you work at your own pace--whatever is convenient for you.


Other frequently asked questions (FAQs) about studying for the GED at our center are answered on our FAQs here

Visit www.GEDtest.org/facebook  or   www.GEDtest.org/youtube

Official Site for the GED:  www.GEDtest.org

NEW 2014 GED TESTING INFORMATION AND COMPARISON TO 2002 TEST:  http://litlink.ket.org/tips/pdf/GED_Test_Comparison.pdf