online learning & job links

gathered from around the internet


Below is  a list of very helpful websites to use at home towards your studies.  Remember to keep a "distance learning log" to keep track of the time you spend studying at home to be recorded in your student file at the center.  DLL forms are located at our center.  

Various Subjects:   New site that includes all 4 subjects on the GED test, Math, Science, Social Studies and Language.  Try it out.   Check this site out!  Free online resource featuring cooking shows, professional chefs and healthy recipes blended with Science and Math Instruction at the pre GED/GED levels.  Much , much more....great site! This new site is sponsored by the Goodwill Community Foundation International.  Sign in and work on whatever skills you want.

The PBS Literacy Link  This is PBS Television’s Literacylink program.  It includes helpful information about Workplace Essential Skills and other GED related skills.

Language Arts:   This site covers everything from comma splices, pronouns, and irregular verbs.  

 These internet sites all pertain to math.  Try one of them, see what you need to work on and get to it!


Web site assigned by instructor.


Web site assigned by instructor.


Web site assigned by instructor.    This is the OWL (Online Writing Lab) from Purdue University. These are clear, well-organized grammar lessons.  Many have practice exercises that can be printed out. Answers can be checked online.

Vocabulary:   Words are shown one at a time along with four choices for their meanings. For every definition you choose correctly, 20 grains of rice are donated to the United Nations World Food Program. The level of difficulty continually adjusts according to your choices.   Vocabulary puzzles and activities are based on Latin and Greek roots to help unlock word meanings.


*The actual GED test is NOT available online.  You are required to take the test in person at an official  GED test site on a scheduled test date.

Job resources:

There are numerous job listings online through the KY Office of Education and Training. Click that link, select your the blue Northern Kentucky area, then click on Job Listings. This website includes career information for students. The “Career Help” section has an interest-finder quiz and other helpful information.  This "education, empowerment, and economic development" website is combination of educational, economic, and employment opportunities for students, teachers, and employers.  It is regularly updated with lists of information on job openings locally and nationally.

College Information:
College Board planning Help with planning your college and career path is available on this website.