frequently asked questions

answers to common questions about getting your GED

What subjects will I be tested on?   There are four subjects on the GED Test: Science, Social Studies,  Mathematics, and Reasoning through Language Arts. The GED test is administered by computer.

When and where is the GED test given?  The GED tests are only offered at an authorized GED testing center.  We send our students to Gateway Community and Technical College at 500 Technology Way, Florence, Ky.  All students need to be pre registered and testing can be scheduled as soon as the next day!
How much does the GED Test cost?  The GED test costs $120.00 ($30 each subject) for anyone in the state of Kentucky. It is required to pass a GED Ready Test prior to taking that subject in the GED test.  Each GED Ready Test cost $6.00 per subject.  Scholarships may be available covering the whole cost or partial. 
What happens if I don’t pass the GED test?  We at GCAE have a high pass rate for students going to take the GED test.  We don't send students to take the test who are not ready.  However, if you were to receive a below passing grade in any section of the test, we would first look at your GED scores.  Take a look at how the test is scored:  100-144 Non Passing
                               145-164 Passing
                               165-200 Honors

How much do classes cost?  NOTHING.  Classes are FREE!  Our center is funded by tax-dollars.
What do I need to be prepared for classes? We suggest you buy these materials to keep your work organized:  a 3 ring binder, lined paper, dividers, pens and pencils.  Having a dictionary at home would also be a good idea.  These will help keep all your class work organized--no matter what classes you sign up for.
What classes and workshops will be offered at Grant County Adult Education?  We currently offer morning and evening math classes as well as Language Arts and Social Studies. Our day classes are Mon - Thurs 9:00am -2:00pm.  We are currently having evening classes every Tuesday evening at 5:00-7:00pm AND every Wednesday evening 5:00-7:00pm at the Grant County Library located on Barnes Road in Williamstown.  

How many times a week will I come to the Learning Center?  
It's your choice.  The more often you're willing to come will mean you'll complete your work more quickly.  Based on your assessment scores, we will place you in a Math, Language Arts, Science and/or Socical Studies class. Everyone's schedule is different so we will  find a schedule that will work for you.
I’m online, can I study at home? Yes! We know coming to the center is difficult for some people because of conflicts with their employment schedule, transportation, and childcare.  This year GCAE is offering the option to study online through KET called Fast Forward.  We have limited space available and more information is available on our classes page.  You will be given more information about this option after completing orientation and taking the 3 TABE Assessments given during orientation.  

Do you want your GED?  Sign up for our next orientation for new students by calling our office at (859) 823-1341.  After orientation, if your scores indicate you are ready to start the GED Ready Tests, then we will encourage you to move forward. If your scores indicate you need a little extra help first before the GED test then you can start attending classes  The more you're willing to work, the faster you'll be finished!