learning at our adult ed center

we offer regular classes in reading, writing, and math

Math class from spring 2010

GCAE Hours
 Mon - Thurs 9:00am to 4:00pm for all students.
Evening Classes
Tuesday  5:00pm to 7:00pm
Wednesday  5:00pm to 7:00pm at the GC Library on Barnes Road.

 Please check our calendar (see link below) .

  For more information call us at 823-1341.  

Classes Offered

  A list of our scheduled classes is regularly updated on our calendar page.  Students are encouraged to bring their own notebook to class.  Students who do homework, come to class regularly, and stay for lab times are the students who make the most progress.

 Math Basics Class

In our basic math class, you will refresh and refine your math skills while covering such topics as: whole numbers, decimals, frcations, proportions, percents, measurement, and data analysis.  By attending class each week and completing the assigned homework, you will improve your math skills in the required areas of the TABE and prepare yourself for our more advanced math classes.  

Applied Math Class

Once a student has mastered Basic Math, they will proceed to our Applied Math Class.  This class will cover Algebraic Operations, Geometry, Statistics and Probability, Ratios and Percents. Much of these math areas are the basic mathematical language of technical fields, such as auto mechanics, nursing, and electronics.   After completing this class the student will take a post TABE test in Math to see his or her progress.

Reading / Language Arts

Reading and Language Arts class are classes  to help you discover what writing can do for you. The NEW GED Test Writing portion is referred to as  extended reponses.  Writing can help you learn about yourself, remember important events in your life, explore complex ideas or issues. Writing class will help you become a better writer. You will study areas of grammar, puctuation and how to write paragraphs.  Much of the writing you do in writing class will be topics you choose yourself from personal narratives, to poetry, to letter writing and finally how to write a summary could be just a few of the topics you choose to write about.

Science / Social Studies
Both Science and Social Studies are subjects on the GED test.  These subjects are offered in class time.  After orientation, the director will register each new student into the appropriate classes needed.  

After classes are finished

At the conclusion of classes (and assigned homework) when students have put at least 30/ 40 hours of work toward their GED, students are encouraged to re-take the TABE assessments to determine their progress in a given subject area.  Students then know what they still need to work on or learn that they're ready to take the GED Ready Test--the last step before their GED test.  

College Preparation

Students who have a GED or a high school diploma and are preparing to enter college may take assessment to evaluate any skill level upgrade needed to enter college.


Our instructors teach regular classes at our nearby correctional institution--The Grant County Detention Center.   More information may be obtained about these programs by calling our center at (859) 823-1341.

AE.KET.ORG /   Fast Forward

Work schedules, family circumstances, health issues, and other events may prevent a student from obtaining and furthering their education. GCAE offers online learning to students who have enrolled and may be a good candidate for this service. After a student has completed their initial assessments, an instructor will determine placement through online learning. Only students who attend class regulary at our center will be assigned access to KET Fast Forward.   Seats are limited and selection is exclusively determined by the director or instructor. We ask students to be serious about their online learning and be regular in their homework and attendance to be eligible for this option.