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In addition to the GED, we can help you with many different assessments

Most students who visit our center are working to complete their GED or other assessments.  If the assessment you're interested in is not listed on this page, please call us. 

Beginning in January 2014,  the GED Test will be offered only on computer.  All students are encouraged to attend FREE classes with our qualified instructors to prepare for all 4 areas of the GED test.  Go to this link for more information about the new GED Test:


GED Exam info:

Students who are 16 years or older who are not enrolled in school may be eligible to take the GED exam. To become test ready, new students attend orientation and start initial assessments to establish skill level. Instruction is provided for free at GCAE.  

Please be advised that the Kentucky GED certificate can be neither earned nor obtained via the Internet or through correspondence programs.  The Tests of General Development (GED Tests)--developed by the General Educational Development Testing Service of the American Council on Education (GED Testing Service)--require extensive preparation and the demonstration of a high level of high school knowledge and academic skills.  The GED Tests are administered in Kentucky only at Official GED Testing Centers under the direction of the Council on Postsecondary Education, Kentucky Adult Education.  Any other high school equivalency certificate not issued by Kentucky Adult Education or another jurisdictional GED testing authority may be of dubious value and may not be accepted by employers, colleges and universities, or the military.

Steps in achieving your GED:

  1. Contact GCAE to set up appointment for orientation at (859) 823-1341. 
  2. Bring withdrawal form and government issued I.D.
  3. Start initial assessments to see what you know and what you need to work on.
  4. Attend classes classes consistently and frequently work on your homework
  5. Complete all homework assignments and keep track of work in your homework log.
  6. Post test to see the gains you've made in what you've been studying.
  7. Complete Ready Test.
  8. Register for GED test! You can schedule for the test at a location on a date thats suitable to you.

On the GED, you will be tested in Science, Social Studies, Math, and Reading / Language Arts.  All sections are multiple-choice, short answer and drag and drop. 

Other services

In addition to the GED, we also offer assistance for students working for college preparation, and to pass various workplace assessments like the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test, COMPASS tests for college placement, and Para Educator test. 
If you are interesting in working toward completing the ASVAB, COMPASS or Paraeducator Assessments, please call our center at (859) 823-1341 to make an appointment to develop your individual learning plan.

Kentucky Paraeducator Assessment

The KPA is given to adults who are interested in applying for employment positions available through a Kentucky School System.  To be eligible to apply for a paraeducatiors position you must have one of the following:

  1. Have an associated degreee
  2. Completed 64 hours of college study
  3. Passed the paraeducators assessment
KPA study guides can be found at here.  Because of the length of the document, we do not provide printed copies and encourage you to study on the computer screen and save paper by not printing out this 77 page document.  
Want to work to pass the KPA? Please contact us at (859) 823-1341 for an appointment. There is no charge to work on these tests at our center.

Workplace Assessment

Some employers may require adults to complete TABE (Test for Adult Basic Education) assessments in 3 subject areas: Reading, Math and Language for employment opportunities.  Anyone interested in taking the workplace assessments should contact us at (859) 823-1341 to schedule an appointment.  There is no charge for workplace assessments. 

College Preparation

Students who have a GED or a high school diploma and are preparing to enter college may take assessment to evaluate any skill level upgrade needed to pass the Compass or ACT. Assessments are given in the 3 subject areas: Reading, Math and Language. Students must score 11.9 or below to qualify for assistance. If you are interested in completing college prepatory work, please contact us at (859) 823-1341 to schedule an appointment. There is no charge for college preparation work at our center. 

College Board planning Help with planning your college and career path is available on this website.

Earn your GED at home with KET

Any student working on their GED in Kentucky can watch GED classes on Kentucky Educational Television (KET) at home. After you enroll at our center and complete 12 hours of work, you may pay $20.00 fee to KET for a full set of GED workbooks to work at home. And you can still have appointments at our center whenever you need to. After passing the Official Practice Test (the last step before the GED), you can send in $30.00 to KET and receive a  voucher towards the cost for the GED test. So, in short, you receive a full set of GED books for free! For more information and registration form contact our office here. This opportunity is made through a partnership between KET and and Kentucky Adult Education. More information about this exciting opportunity is available if you click here.

The GED TEST is only administered by computer.  If you need to sharpen your computer skills, try these links below or call our center for more information concerning computer classes available.